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Area Of Legal Practice & Services

Summary of Legal Practice, Advice & Experience:-
আপনাদের সবাইকে Law Castle (LC) ভিজিট করার জন্য ধন্যবাদ।


-Criminal Matters
-Civil Matters
-Company Matter
-Banking Matter
-Writ Matter
-Family Matter
-Educational Institutional Matter
-Corporation issues
-Compensation & Financial Matter
-Insurance Matter
-Tax Return Filing and Tax Matter
-Arbitration Proceedings
-Seeking Asylum Process.
-Private Investigation.

We provide the following quality legal services to our clients on a regular basis:

i. Providing face-to-face legal advice or over Facebook, Skype, Viber, Tango, line, IMO with Head of Chambers or other lawyers.
ii. Preparing written legal opinions
iii. Advising on banking & finance laws
iv. Advising on property law matters
v. Advising on employment & labor matters
vi. Assisting & advising on matters of Immigration law
vii. Providing legal assistance on tax law matters
viii. Advising on CSR & compliance matters
ix. Advising on HR issues
x.Preparing HR documents
xi. Conducting mediation
xii. Providing research assistance
xiii. Actively taking part in negotiations on behalf of our clients
xiv. Responding to other parties on behalf of our clients
xv. Making various national & international applications on behalf of our clients
xvi. Preparing various legal documents
xvii. Vetting policies & other legal or related documents
xviii. Preparing & executing agreements
xix. Investigatory/due diligence works

We provide our services in the following specialised sectors:

1.Criminal Matters we do:-
1. Murder & Culpable Homicide
2. Arms & Explosive
3. Nari-O-Shishu
4. Theft
5. Robbery and Dacoity
6. Fraud
7. Misappropriation of money
8. Criminal Breach of Trust
9. Forgery
10. Adulteration
11. Negotiable Instruments (Check Dishonour)
12. Narcotics and Drugs
13. Trespass
14. Abduction/ Kidnap
15. Enforced Disappearance
16. Rape
17. Acid Throwing
18. Dowry Demanding
19. Defamation
20. Assault and Battery
21. Mal Prosecution

Criminal Cases we conduct:-
A.Complaint Cases (C R Case)
B. Police Station Cases (G R Case)
C. Criminal Appeals
D. Criminal Revisions
E. Quashment (561A)
F. Miscellaneous Cases

Criminal Courts we appear:-
1. Magistrate Court
2. Court of Sessions Judge
3. Special Tribunal
4. Nari-O-S hishu Nirjatan Daman Tribunal
5. Druto Bichar Adalat
6. High Court Division
7. Appellate Division of the Supreme Court

Our Services(Criminal):-
1. Bail and Anticipatory Bail Petition
2. Trial of Cases
3. Appeal stage
4. Revision Stage
5. Miscellaneous

2.Civil Matter we do:-
Land Litigation:
Any legal proceeding or dispute arising out of land or in-respect of land, more specifically the nature of suit or case includes but not limited by the followings;
a. Declaration of Title
b. Recovery of Possession
c. Injunction
d. Cancellation of Deeds Instruments
e. Eviction
f. Specific Performance of Contract
g. Records and Mutation
h. Land survey tribunal issues
i. Partition
j. Money
k. Small Causes
l. Proceedings on the issue of transferring land by way of sale, gift (Heba), mortgage, lease,trust, will, probate, settlement, license,Contract for Sale (Baina), etc

3.Family Matter we do:
1. Divorce
2. Maintenance & Dower
3. Miscellaneous
4. Guardianship
5. Restitution of Conjugal Right
6. Domestic Violence
7. Dowry

4.Banking & Financial Services
The proceedings relating to original Banking & Financial transactions which includes but not limited by the followings;
a. CIB Reports by Bangladesh Bank
b. Letter of Credit (L.C) matters
c. Calculation of Interests or other terms involve with Bank Account
d. Any other proceedings concerning Bank transaction

– Bank lending
– Debt restructuring- Project finance
– Structured finance
– Security documentation
– Asset financing
– Syndicated lending
– Mergers and acquisitions

5.Corporate , Commercial and Labor and Employment issue
Sale of Goods
Procurement Contract
– Labor disputes
– Employment related advice
– Corporate compliance
– Corporate secretarial
– Services at the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms (RJSC)
– Incorporation of companies & firms
– Obtaining search report
– Registration of mortgages/charges
– Obtaining certified copies of various corporate documents
– Commercial transactions
– Telecommunications and broadcasting
– Employment
– Energy and infrastructure
– Insurance
– Intellectual property
– Private equity and investment

6.Litigation and dispute resolution
– Debt recovery
– Foreclosures
– Bankruptcy
– Insolvency
– Insurance
– Commercial crime
– Property and construction
– Arbitration
– Mediation
– Negotiation
– Expert Determination

7.Corporate real estate and property
– Development projects
– Leases
– Joint ventures
– Property restructuring
– Mortgages
– Services at Land Registry
– Searching the records with the concerned sub
-registry office and obtaining Non
-encumbrance Certificate
– Facilitating registration of mortgage(s), deed(s) of sale
– Engaging surveyor for surveying land

8.Tax Return Filing and Tax Matter
We have now opened a fully operational unit for Income Tax practice. We have qualified Lawyers, Consultants and Income Tax practitioners in Bangladesh in our firm both working full time or as off counsel to advise on Tax matters. We have strong liaison with Tax officials in Bangladesh.

Service provided by us the lawyers In Bangladesh in Income Tax matters:-
(i) Opening e TIN
(ii) Filling TAX return for individual Tax Payer
(iii) Filling TAX return for Business Tax payers
(iv) Contesting objections and cases in Tax Appellate Commissioner or Appellate Tribunal
(v) Opening VAT registration number and filling VAT return
(vi) Filling Reference and Writ petitions in the High Court Division regarding Income Tax , VAT or customs matter.

9.Arbitration Proceedings(ADR)
Arbitration Proceedings We provide arbitration support for the following issues including negotiation and mediation in National/Local arenas;
1. Court proceedings seeking Arbitration (Lower and Higher Court),
2. Negotiation and Mediation in pending court proceedings,
3. Civil Disputes,
4. Criminal Disputes,
5. Family Matter Disputes,
6. Financial/Commercial Disputes,
7. Company Disputes.

General Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)work capabilities:

Our Services include: (but not limited to)


We are capable of not only performing tasks based on simple process work based on standard formats and/or software but also in a position to carry out high end legal work. The following are a few examples:

# Contract drafting services, letters to clients,applications and contract monitoring/management etc,

# Document review, electronic discovery and litigation services,

# Bankruptcy filing, pleadings & documentation,Legal Research,

# Contract drafting outsourcing,

# Legal Pleadings,

# Legal Documentation,

# Legal Pleadings and documentation,

# Legal research,

# Simple legal filings,

# Proof reading,

# Litigation Support,

# Drafting summonses and complaints,

# Assisting in discovery requests and drafting responses,

# Drafting all firsthand case pleading,

# Summaries of witness statements,

# Drafting appeal papers, including notices and brief Any other litigation papers etc.

Please call us or communicate us whenever you like and wherever you are. We are ready to act and to solve your legal problem in easiest way with innovative ideas for quick disposal of the case.You are suggested to visit ‘Law Castle (LC)’ facebook fan page and ‘Law Castle (LC)’ Web site for your desired legal services.

Thank you for using our web site and service.

LL.B. (Hon’s); LL.M, MBA
District & Sessions Judge Court, Comilla.

Founder & Head of the Law Chamber
Law Castle (LC)


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