Private Investigation/Legal Investigation By Lawyers


We are delighted to introduce ourselves as a well- organized, leading and fast growing Law Firms are online 24/7 to offer basic legal information Update over the net.
Get Legal Help Ask a legal question, get a quick answer from our legal community of lawyers, professionals and laypersons.

We are capable of carrying out various inquiries, investigations and facts finding on any problem and incident within legal frame.

We can provide on online legal assistance services investigation and many incident (Including domestic issues) and issue for finding truth and report for solutions as per findings.

We are serving clients throughout Bangladesh in such a manner that the clients must get just and legitimate results with required evidences in a discreet and confidential manner.

We have gathered all the experienced and specialized for efficient functioning of our Law firm.

We have also associated reputed lawyers, Barristers to assist and counsel our clients.

Our Strength lies in the fact that we can utilize our experience in various types of enquiries &
investigations through a dedicated team of professionals to consistently deliver high level
of services, superior supervision and a street knowledge to work for you.

Our investigations are resourceful, quick decision making and having ability to deliver authentic, timely,
gainful and confidential results.

We shall feel honoured in presenting our investigative services on corporate as well as personal front.

Law Castle also likely to work in future with different government organizations and other non Government Organizations.

We do provide following specific investigation by /Advocate/Lawyer/ Solicitor and counselling service–

We carry out private investigation on following heads:

a. Background Checking: We carry out background check of any individual according to the requirement of our valuable clients.

b. Tracking Individual:We have a team of expert personnel who are capable of tracking the activities of specific individual as per the requirement of our clients.

c. Tracing Absconder: Subject to the availability of proper information support, we are capable of tracing absconder within the country.

d. Collecting Evidences: As per the requirement of our clients, we are capable of collecting evidences & supporting documents from different sources.

e.Following the Suspect:Suspected activities of any individual indentified by our valuable clients can be followed for confirmation

f. Negotiation with the Financial Defaulters:Defaulters of the financial transactions are negotiated on behalf of our registered clients for realizing the claims/ funds.

g. Monitor/Close Observation: We have build our reputation on the effectiveness of our surveillance equipment and bringing a creative approach to each surveillance assignment.

(1) Surveillance

(2) Videography

(3) Still Photography

(4) Interviewing Techniques

(5) Inquiries

(6) Statement Taking

(7) Court Testimony

LL.B. (Hon’s); LL.M, MBA
District & Sessions Judge Court, Comilla.

Founder & Head of the Law Chamber
Law Castle (LC)

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