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The page providing you legal aid and services, legal consultancy, legal advice, case filing, drafting and conveyance, legal opinion, counseling, facilitating ADR, lobbying and training and further issuing legal notices, if your right is infringed.

Prior appointment:

Prior appointment would be necessary for conference at our Office/Chamber or over Facebook, Skype, Viber, Tango, line, IMO with Head of Chambers or other lawyers.

Please call us or communicate us whenever you like and wherever you are. We are ready to act and to solve your legal problem in easiest way with innovative ideas for quick disposal of the case. You are suggested to visit ‘Law Castle (LC)’ facebook fan page and ‘Law Castle (LC)’ Web site for your desired legal services.

Schedule of fees on work to work basis(pay as you go)/hourly/package quotation is available.

Call Us: Confidential /Urgent matters (Directly to Head of Chambers):


(+88)(0)1721 72 67 51;

(+88)(0)1919 72 67 51.




Facebook:- http://www.facebook.com/advsr

Facebook page:- http://www.Facebook.com/lawcastlebd
Twitter:- http://www.twitter.com/law_castle

LinkedIn:- bd.linkedin.com/in/advsr


Skype- Adv. Shoaib Rahman

IMO- Adv. Shoaib Rahman


Corporate Chamber & Residence Address-

Aziz Faizunnessa Tower
Level- 02, Suite No. 02
Police line road, Jhawtala, Comilla-3500, Bangladesh.


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