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About & Overview


Welcome to Law Castle (LC)–

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## Our team of highly qualified, dedicated Lawyers and Law Firms are on-line 24 hours a day to offer basic legal information over the net.

We have found that appropriate legal Information given initially is often sufficient to solve our client’s problems.

Overview of the Law Castle (LC)–

This home page provides an overview of the people and activities of the Firm.

About & overview–

Law Castle (LC) was founded by Mr. Shoaibur Rahman in 2012 following his family tradition that dates back to 1960s all the way to his grandfather, Late Mr. Azizur Rahman, Advocate. Mr. Azizur Rahman, Advocate was a reputed lawyer having practice life of more than 40 years contribution in legal service. He joined Comilla Bar associations as an Advocate torch bearer of his time. Mr. Shoaibur Rahman is the grandson of Late Azizur Rahman, Advocate and also followed the same legacy.He belongs to a family who has a tradition of providing legal service since 1960s.

Once enrolled with Bangladesh Bar Council as an advocate, Mr. Shoaibur Rahman started legal profession by his family tradition in the name and style of the law chamber i.e. ‘Law Castle (LC)’ since the end of 2012.

Mr.Shoaibur Rahman realized the immense difficulties that the average person faced trying to navigate through the complicated, confusing and expensive legal system.

LAW CASTLE (LC) helps client understand the law and find solutions for their legal needs.

LAW CASTLE (LC) was created to make the law more easily accessible and in a language that every one can clearly understand. You can educate yourself about the law and your case for free, learn how to do it yourself when you can, and get professional help when you need it at a cost that you can afford.

LAW CASTLE (LC) is a free friendly, online environment where lawyers and non-lawyers can find and share all types of legal information:

–sharing experiences and knowledge in a free legal discussion forum,

–comprehensive free legal help guides,

–free legal resources such as search all laws,

–to obtain a free case review and much more.

LAW CASTLE (LC) helps consumers understand the law and find solutions for their legal needs.

The Chambers believes in economics of scales. By increasing volumes of work it is constantly working towards making its services affordable, while ensuring reasonable standard of services for all clients. It provides different tiers of fee structure so that it suits with the clients particular need, while at the same time the Chambers remains affordable and accessible.

Under the leadership of Mr. Shoaibur Rahman, the firms’ lawyers, paralegal and management, divided in small teams, accomplish all major tasks whether it is litigation, consultancy, projects, services and management issues. The firm believes in honestly, discipline, punctuality and meeting deadline. The attention of the firm is focused on its human resources.

Since then, in last few years, the firm has worked with few reputed learned senior counsels on different work assignment of its clients.

The Chambers believe that through quality development, regular induction, motivation and training of its employees only, the firm can steadily improve its services and clients’ satisfaction. In last few years, the Firm has outstanding client satisfaction record and no major complain received from any corner.

The Law firms focus is on–

We understand legal assistance is needed in nearly all spheres of our life. We have related services for:

  • Civil Matters
  • Criminal Matters
  • Company Matter
  • Banking Matter
  • Writ Matter
  • Family Matter
  • Educational Institutional Matter
  • Corporation issues
  • Compensation & Financial Matter
  • Insurance Matter
  • Tax Return Filing and Tax Matter
  • Arbitration Proceedings
  • Seeking Asylum Process.
  • Private Investigation.

Please call us or communicate us whenever you like and wherever you are. We are ready to act and to solve your legal problem in easiest way with innovative ideas for quick disposal of the case.You are suggested to visit ‘Law Castle (LC)’ facebook fan page and ‘Law Castle (LC)’ Web site for your desired legal services.

LL.B. (Hon’s); LL.M, MBA
District & Sessions Judge Court, Comilla.

Founder & Head of the Law Chamber
Law Castle (LC)


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