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Every lawyer must be know Before the court submitting a case:-

Every lawyer must be know Before the court submitting a case:-

Before you file a case There are a few essentials that help the process of filing a court case, easier.

Here, a lawyer gives some tips on how to prepare for the final application to the court. 

* Make all complaints in written form. 

* Photocopy every paper, every document that you write, mail or send to people. 

* Whenever you submit a document to somebody, get a ‘Received’ stamped on the photostat copy.

*File the photocopies of the originals in chronological order.

*File the photocopies, with ‘Received’ stamped on them, again in chronological order – in a file separate from the photocopies of the originals. This will help if you ever lose any document. 

* Keep your eyes and ears open for cases related to your case.

If you hear of similar cases, note them down;

if you come across news clippings; file them (and put a photocopy in the relevant file);

if you know somebody who has gone through a similar experience or filed a similar case, talk to them. Refer them to your lawyer. 

* If dealing with the government, try to get hold of any public circulars, notifications or written regulations, which could strengthen your case. File them and their photocopies separately.

* If a government department is not giving you the documents or information you need, apply under the Right To Information (RTI.) Act. This may take about a month to bear results.

 * If your case is employment-related, gather all the rules of conduct, hiring/firing regulations, employment codes, etc, of the organization you are appealing against.

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Shoaib Rahman
LL.M. Advocate

(লেখাটি স্বত্ব সংরক্ষিত, অন্যত্র কপি/নকল বারিত।তবে স্বত্ব উল্লেখপূর্বক হুবহু প্রিন্ট অথবা শেয়ার করতে বাধা নেই।)


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