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Before buying a land the buyer should examine the following matters:-

Buying Land

Before buying a land the buyer should examine the following matters:

-Seller’s power to transfer of ownership.

-Examine and verify all deeds and documents of seller’s ownership of the land property.

-Test ownership title.

-Seller’s possessory right/ occupancy right/ use of the land property.

-In case of inherited property check all successors who has part in the same land.

-Do anyone have premptory right on the land property?

-Are there any joint owners or co-owners present?

-Is the land government property (Khas land) or abandoned property or state acquisition property or vested Property?

-Whether seller has given Power of Attorney to anyone?

-Is the land Mortgaged property?

-In what Mouja the land is situated.

-Investigate the plot on the spot that is mentioned/designed in BS and RS Sheet.

-Right to use of roads or way out.

-Whether any suit is running on the name of the land property.

Different Kinds of Deeds and Documents of Ownership

Following Deeds and Documents must collect by the Buyer before Buying Land property:

-Principal or main deed (Mool Dolil)

-Outright sale deed (Saf-kabla Dolil)

-Vender of seller deeds or sale deeds (Baya Dolil)

-Lease deed (Patta Dolil)

-Inheritance Certificate,

-Warishan Certificate,

-Deed of partitionSuccession

-CertificateDeclaration of gift deedwill (Wasiwat-nama)

-Court’s Decree Documents of OwnershipBuying Documents from AuctionLand property

-Exchanged Deed (Ewaz-Deed) andall other deeds related to the land property

Documents of possessory right:-

Settlement Record/ Draft Khatian/Porcha:

-CS Draft Khatian (Cadastral Survey)

-SA Draft Khatian (State Acquisition Survey)

-RS Draft Khatian (Revisional/review Survey)

Records of Right (ROR)/ Khatian:

-CS Khatian (Cadastral Survey)

-SA Khatian (State Acquisition Survey)

-RS Khatian (Revisional/review Survey)

-BS Khatian (Bangladesh Survey)

-PS Khatian (Pakistan Survey)

Mouja Map/ Sheet:

-CS Sheet (Cadastral Survey)

-SA Sheet (State Acquisition Survey)

-RS Sheet (Revisional/review Survey)

-BS Sheet (Bangladesh Survey)

-City SurveyMutation And Separation ( Naamjari and Kharij)

-Rent (Khajna) clearing receipt and Duplicate Carbon Receipt (DCR)

-No Objection Certificate

-(NOC)Non-Encumbrance Certificate (NEC)

How to Examine Deeds and Documents

-Consult with a civil lawyer.

-The buyer can publish a legal notice in a newspaper.

-Search information from concerned Land Office or Land Registration Office.

-Check seller’s name(s) and land schedule/description in the deed.

-Check seller’s name, plot number, total land area, schedule/description of land etc.in related ROR (Record of Rights)/ Khatian.

-Investigate the plot on the spot that is mentioned/designed in BS and RS Sheet.

Important Suggestions

-If any Sale Agreement (Bayna-nama) is made then it must be registered.

-Sale Deed (Saf-kabla Dolil) must be registered.

-The buyer should take the possession of the land as soon as the registration is done.

Posted from
Shoaib Rahman
LL.M. Advocate

(লেখাটি স্বত্ব সংরক্ষিত, অন্যত্র কপি/নকল বারিত।তবে স্বত্ব উল্লেখপূর্বক হুবহু প্রিন্ট অথবা শেয়ার করতে বাধা নেই।)

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