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What is an Affidavit ? Its Elements & Types-

An Affidavit:

An affidavit is a statement or declaration in writing on oath or affirmation, signed by an individual, who is called the affidavit or deponent, before a person having authority to administer such oath or affirmation.

Elements of an Affidavit:

*Statement or declaration in writing.

*The statement or declaration must be on oath or affirmation.

*Oath and affirmation must be administered by a person authorized by law to do so.

Types of Affidavit:

Affidavit can be classified into two main groups:

1.Contentious/ Litigation Matters

2.Non-contentious/Non-litigation Matters

Contentious/ Litigation Matters:

These types of Affidavit make before Magistrate or Commissioner of Affidavit or Sherestadar. In court practices, it is needed to file interlocutory application with affidavit.

Non-contentious/Non-litigation Matters:

These types of Affidavit make before Notary Public or Sub-Registrar or Magistrate or other authorized persons. In this type of affidavit, often people make declaration relating to certificate, marriage, divorce, statements regarding birth date or name correction etc.


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